$550.00 USD

18 Month Program Deposit (Early Bird)

Professional Training & Certification Program

Our 18-Month Ayurveda Training & Certification Program is an in-depth training and certification program that teaches the foundations of Ayurveda and then builds to reinforce the clinical focus of Ayurvedic practice, combining classroom learning and supervised time in the clinic.

This deposit will reserve your place in the 18 Month Ayurvedic Training & Certification Program.

The is a non-refundable deposit for the 18 Month Program. If for any reason you are unable to participate, this deposit can be applied to any future 18 Month Program & Training, subject to availability.

A monthly payment of $850/mo for 12 months, will begin at the start of the program in August, 2023.

Please Note: Schedule and specific dates are subject to change.